We can help you resolve possible conflicts that may arise in this area, whether you are a landlord or tenant.

In the owner-tenant relationship, a multitude of problems and controversies may arise that are not always clear who has to take charge of a certain expense or payment.

For example, what about household appliances? Who should be responsible if the washing machine or refrigerator breaks down? Well, the general rule is that those electrical appliances that are necessary for the habitability of the house and whenever their deterioration is due to normal use by the tenant, it is the owner who must assume their restitution. However, if the deterioration is due to misuse by the tenant, it will be the tenant who must take care of it.

Who gets the bail? The deposit is paid at the beginning of the contract to the lessor, but the latter must deposit it in a bank account held by the autonomous body on duty, to avoid that the amount of the same is used for other purposes and is available at the end of the contract. However, the landlord may demand in addition to the bail, a deposit as a guarantee, about which is not necessary to notify the corresponding autonomous body.

Many other questions can be asked in a leasing situation: If the tenant has done work on the house, is he obliged to restore it to its previous state at the end of the contract? Can the tenant end the lease before the established date? How long before do I have to notify so that the contract is not renewed?