Why to hire a lawyer to process the purchase or sale of a property?

A sale can be carried out in a particular way by anyone with a minimum knowledge of the matter. But we recommend that you get an assistance of lawyer to carry out the processing, to avoid unwanted surprises or at least to know what is going to be signed and the following consequences.

We offer two types of services:

1) Study / review of the documents you provide us and the issuance of our opinion in this regard;

2) Management and processing of whole sale, which includes a study of the legal and urban situation of the property, preparation of the deposit contract, preparation / review of the deed of sale to be signed, accompaniment on the day of signing before notary, tax settlement, presentation to the property registry, resolution of defects or corrections, changes of ownership and domiciliation of IBI and supplies such as water, electricity, gas, garbage, etc.

Being a multilingual firm, we can handle sales in Spanish, German, English and Russian.