Among the requirements to be able to regroup with relative is to demonstrate the dependent elegibility of the relative that we want to bring over to Spain, in other words to prove that the relative that we want to bring over to Spain is financially dependent of us.

There are many applications that have been rejected because people didn’t know how to correctly demonstrate this requirement and the most sufficient way of presenting it.


1. It is demonstrated by money transfers and bank account transfers. It’s essential that the owner of the account that receives the money is the same relative that wishes to regroup, for this, they must keep the receipts or bank receipts (it’s called making nominal money transfers). This in turn requires that the transfers have been made through authorized companies, but not through third parties. We can also ask the bank for a list of such transfers, which they will provide us without any difficulties. Also to show the movements of the bank accounts of both investees. Only this way, it can be shown that there is economic dependence.

2. Justify that the person we want to regroup with does not have a livelihood in the country of origin. It is to certify that they do not receive any subsidies, pensions, benefits, salaries or equivalent fixed monetary amount, or to declare, by means of an affidavit, that the regrouped person does not have any income or means of living in their country of residence. If this is true, it will be clear that this person needs the financial support of the family member in Spain.


Royal Decree 987/2015, of October 30, which regulates this procedure, does not establish the exact amount necessary for the proof of economic dependence. So how do we know the minimum we can use for reference? In this case, we must think of an amount that when converting it into the foreign currency of the country where we are sending the money, this sum can achieve the minimum subsistence: to be able to buy food, pay for electricity and water, for rent and other expenses of the family member that we are going to regroup. To avoid a denial, we recommend that the minimum of this transfer is € 200 per month.


It’s another unestablished point in the regulations. The most advisable is to send a minimum amount of 200 Euros every month (for as long as possible) for at least 12 months, because some Immigration Offices ask for up to 24 months of money transfers, so to avoid any rejections, a minimum of 24 months would be more reliable.

3. Having sufficient financial means to meet the needs of the family in Spain, meaning the salary or economic income of the regroup must be sufficient to support the family after the arrival of the family member to Spain.

  • For family units that include two members (regroup and regrouping) a monthly amount of 150% of the IPREM is required, which this year 2021 amounts to 847.35 euros.
  • For each additional member, 50% of the IPREM must be added, that is, in this 2021 year 282.45 euros would be added, for three members: 1,129.80 euros / month and for four: 1,412.25 euros / month.

If the regroup does not have a job and does not receive any income, in this case they must demonstrate the savings of more than 5,200 euros in their bank account.

Otherwise, the request will be denied!

For people who already live with their relatives in Spain, the legislation makes it much easier to prove the financial dependence and they can be regrouped by extended family. In this case, the documentation to provide: family census, invoices or vouchers that prove the financial support of this person, such as public transport cards, telephones, medical and other types of insurance, etc.